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K Writing Studio is a simplification from what was previously named ku-KATA. It was born out of passion for sharing and of personal experience:

... of curiosity when looking for a place to learn how to write ... of frustration when experiencing creative blocks ... of fear when the manuscript is assessed ... of desire to explore stories and fill a piece of white blank paper ... and of hope that arises when letters become words and words become sentences.


Until finally, sentences become stories that hold meanings - for others and for oneself.

Through fiction, life manifests itself, disguised behind letters and their meanings, hidden and literal. Writing is not only a mere creative process, but also a means of observing and recognizing oneself. A writer grows with his/her writing, and the writing grows with him/her.

And that's why K Writing Studio is here, to share so that all can grow - not only on the outside, but also on the inside.

Happy writing!

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A mother of one daughter.

An author.

A certified coach.

A coffee lover.

A traveler.

A journal-writing specialist.

A healing practitioner.

A cat lover.

A founder of K Writing Studio.

A co-founder of Relung Makna.

A life-long learner.

A Friend.

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