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My story might only occupy one short paragraph in this huge and gigantic book called life (*this is me, trying to be optimistic). If you create a map of the universe, you can't even see me because I'm this dot that's just too small to be seen.

However, just like every single creature on earth, I'm unique, just like you, and that makes my story, and your story, worth telling. Who knows, we might end up gazing at each other in awe, listening to each other's story that we never dream of having as our own.

And, I believe that we are also part of something bigger, which is the real reason why each one of us is being given the story in the first place. Thus, after gazing at each other in awe, we might end up leaping in joy together, because at one point we might realize that my story is your story as well, that your story is my story as well. Maybe we can recognize what lies behind each of those different and unique stories .... the same pain, the same anger, the same disappointment, the same happiness, the same laughter. The same Love..... and everything that makes us human and deserve that one short paragraph in that huge and gigantic book.

So, who am I, again?

No idea. I'm just a paragraph.....and I'm happy to be nothing but a dot in this universe.

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